Learning to Code

This portfolio website is the first project that I have been tasked to create on my own, as part of the She Codes Plus (Brisbane) program. The program runs for six months from June to December 2020.

During the program, myself and 19 other ladies from Queensland will be introduced to several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Django and React. Click the image to see the projects.

On A Journey

My journey of learning to code began many years ago, with a very basic introduction to HTML at university. I did not see the point of learning to code at the time and my instructor did not encourage us or offer any suggestion of the potential use of the skill.

Now, almost 20 years later, I understand the value of being able communicate in languages other than those that we speak verbally. As an avid traveller, I am regularly challenged by my lack of diversity in spoken language and expect to face similar challenges on my coding journey as I explore new possibilities.

Create With Technology

Since early 2016, I have been encouraging parents of kids who are interested in learning to create with technology, to let them explore and discover the possibilities in a fun and friendly environment with their peers and supportive mentors.

As the Champion of CoderDojo Toowoomba, myself and other mentors spend our Saturdays teaching these kids coding, robotics and electronics. We foster an environment of exploring curiousity, challenging assumptions and building vocabulary and communication styles through individual and group learning.

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